Welcome, This is the Part Where You Barely Need to be Literate

Check out the Flickr pics for IF in daily pictures.  This is what it looks like when I run, but much more in focus and with far less bruising.


Some of my other pictures get shoved off to Tumblr with the rest of the unruly kids.  Raw pictures, taken by me and typically with no post editing.  I ain't got time for dat!


  • It's Just an Effing Bird is self explanatory.  Check out the Tumblr for a daily bird pic.  Usually with some quote or other.


  • Nuttin' To See Here! is the place to go if you want to see what the gloriously insane squirrels in Chicago are up to.


Demolishing The Berm is just another Tumblr of random animals, architecture, art and all else that intrigues me on a given day.  Some original content but mostly just snatched willy nilly off of the Interzone pipeline.


Look, there's some visual stories right down there!  Click the links for more.  Yes, you can have some more, please...now sit yo ass down, take it all in and stop whining.

Dim Sum & Clover
Dim Sum & Clover